Artworks from the 3D printer

With this, the sculptor Eberhard Fiebig and I, Julian Michel, are opening the first marketplace in Europe for unlimited artworks. These works of art are available as data sets (.stl) and can be downloaded by anyone who is interested.

3-D printing enables every person who has access to a 3-D printer to give every data set that describes a body back its material form. A new era began for the sculptors and sculptors. Because they no longer have to send their works from place to place as finished items. It is sufficient for the lovers to transmit their works as a data record. On this basis, the recipient is able to print out the work in any size, material of his choice or in his favorite color. These data sets can be compared with scores, which for centuries have enabled the musician to freely choose which instrument, at which tempo, at which location and with which skill he will transform the score into music.

From now on, the works of sculptors and sculptors should no longer be luxury objects, but should be accessible to all people who feel joy and feel stimulated at the sight of these works. Because life would be unbearable without works of art, wrote Friedrich Nietzsche

With 3D printing we are initiating a cultural change. From now on we will no longer be determined by what we have, but by what we share with other people. What matters to us is what as many people as possible take up in their everyday lives. Because the work of art is, as Friedrich Hölderlin once said: “Nothing powerful, but it belongs to life”,

Because we want the works that we have created to be part of the everyday lives of as many people as possible, we are offering the dataset of each of our works for a price of 30 €.

Parallel to this portal, we will regularly publish blog articles like this one, which is about what 3D printing and the cultural change associated with it is all about. We will report on why Fiebig and his friend Paul Bliese realized the first plastic in 3D printing 25 years ago and explain why and how graphics can be derived from the individual models. Introducing a new mode in the graphic arts. We will prove that the time has come to make the works of art accessible to everyone at an affordable price. Based on the material variations in the plastics sector alone, works by the sculptors and sculptors do not necessarily have to be made of marble or bronze. With this in mind, we hope for the support of all makers, to whom we owe the great progress in 3D printing.


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